“Some say that Rockabilly is music for the old.  I don’t agree.  When a 19 year old truck driver blazed a Rockabilly trail out of Memphis, TN, in 1954 it was very much music for the young.  And 66 years later that’s still true as the teenaged Dixie Fried Hep Katz blaze their own Rockabilly trail out of Enderby BC.  These Katz are the real deal!”

                                             – Greg Tiernan, The Wheelgrinders



We met Avery from Rust Valley Restorers
Show ready
Our contest winner Frankie
Back at the Vernon Perfoming Arts Centre
I feel pretty, oh so pretty......
Young dogs, new tricks!!! Kyndra looks mesmerized!
When you click, you click! This is fun!
The Rickshaw Vancouver, BC. An honour and a pleasure!
We found a new groove and like it!
we missed the Wheelgrinders, but what a show
We pulled out all the tricks
but it was hot and the jackets had to go!
We started off with jackets, Kyndra was smart!
Sarah Tidsbury, Kyndra Johnson, Porter Johnson, Paul Pigat, Rose - at the Rickshaw
How are we doing guys?
I'm biased, but I love this shot
who needs to sit!
this is so cool
oh wow! that's a big lift!
Our First show with "Rose"
Gotta have the fringe
We said goodbye to Logan, but these friendships last a lifetime
Armstrong Music in the Park
It was smokey due to forest fires, but what a show!
Thanks to the Roadmen for their support!
Hot Nite in the City
Kamloops, BC
Looks like the boots match the guitar!
Filming our Spooky Train Video in Summerland BC
Kettle Valley Steam Railway
Exciting experience at the Performing Arts Centre - Vernon, BC
For Heidi and Gramma
it's important to support what you believe in


Uncle, getting all the good shots!
Video shoot for Demon Deuce Coupe
A little rain didn't stop us!
Testing 1,2,3 - Soundcheck!
Small, Covid friendly bash in Salmon Arm, BC!
Nothing to see here....just some Hep Katz in a horse field
Thanks to the Roadmen for sharing their cool rides with us!
Life is too short not to laugh!
Love the blue lights
Almost ready for the show!
Our Roadie - otherwise known as Dad to Porter & Kyndra
Cruisin with Logan in front; Porter in the middle and Kyndra bringing up the rear with Uncle!
Custom pinstriped by PJ Slick Pin Striping
The barrier helped us stay safe, but there was a slight reflection
We enjoy playing for people and pets! This one really liked Logan.
Even in Covid, our fans stay focused on us - watching us in practice!
Kyndra's face says it all!
Before Covid, we liked our car shows! Can't wait to once again, cruise the shows.
Sometimes, the show literally goes to the dogs
What a great crowd to play for!
Our dedicated photographer and proud Uncle
Who needs to sit and play drums???
An old safe we were lucky enough to get shots with.
The future's so bright, we got to wear shades!
stay tuned!! We're just getting started.....

“These kids eat, sleep and breath rockabilly, let me tell you!  I’m so proud of all their hard work and dedication to the music and culture.  Keep on rockin Katz!”

                                                                          – Lolita DeVille