Red Hot Rockabilly From B.C.

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As heard on:

  • Shakin Katz Radio on Radio Western 94.9 FM
  • Colly D Show on Surrey Hills Radio – UK
  • Rockabilly Express on CHLY 101.7FM
  • Vancouver Co-op radio 100.5 FM – Nuked Coffee Show

“Some say that Rockabilly is music for the old.  I don’t agree.  When a 19 year old truck driver blazed a Rockabilly trail out of Memphis, TN, in 1954 it was very much music for the young.  And 66 years later that’s still true as the teenaged Dixie Fried Hep Katz blaze their own Rockabilly trail out of Enderby BC.  These Katz are the real deal!”

– Greg Tiernan, The Wheelgrinders

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